Massif d’Uchaux


For 2000 years, this hilly, heavily-wooded mass of land has remained an exceptional location for the complete expression of the vine.

The originality of the Massif d’Uchaux, comes thanks to a specific geological wealth in its primarily calcium soil, with a very pebbly make-up of siliceous-lime sandstone from the Late Cretaceous period of the end of the second Epoch.

The natural erosion of the bedrock of the Late Cretaceous period, gave birth to sandstone soils enriched with siliceous limestone which are the most representative of the appellation.

The moderate altitude of the Domain, the heightened calorific (heat-retaining) qualities of the soils due to the particular stoniness, the major presence of wooded countryside necessary to the biodiversity, contribute to a lower production of our vines.

The typicity of our wines incontestably bears the fingerprint of this environment, the slow, steady ripening is a promise of concentration and of optimal maturity of each grape-berry.

Our black Grenache associated with our other Syrah and Mourvèdre varieties, find here the ideal potential for its brilliance & vividness.
Our white Grenache and our Clairette express, through this terroir, finesse & purity.