Our roots
Côtes du Rhône
Massif d'Uchaux
Châteauneuf du Pape

To allow the terroir to dominate the variety.

The uniqueness of our Domain comes from the specific micro-climate micro-terroir belonging to the Massif d’Uchaux. This is characterised by relatively shallow, poor soils which particularly well adapted to cultivation of the vine.

So as to respect the terroir, we have chosen a way of cultivating which promotes the exchanges between the soil and the root and leaf systems of the vine. Guaranteeing a purity, a minerality and clean complexity : the Bio-dynamism.

The respect of the natural cycles, give back to the earth the impulse which allows it to be a living organism, which guides in turn our work. The quality of our attention, our ability to perceive these situations, our capacity to judge and to react symbolise the success of our biodynamic work : Rural common-sense.

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